Au revoir: Barclays completes sale of French retail banks

Barclays has today completed the sale of its French retail business to private equity firm AnaCap Financial Partners.

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Barclays security chief ‘faces investigation over whistleblowing’

Barclays’ head of security is facing an internal investigation over his role in trying to uncover a whistleblower, according to reports. On Monday the bank announced that financial regulators are investigating Barclays boss Jes Staley, after he tried to identify a whistleblower who sent two letters to the board and a senior executive in June 2016, raising concerns about the conduct of a senior employee, reported to be Tim Main. 

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New deputy of the Bank of England breaks code of conduct

Charlotte Hogg, the new deputy governor of the Bank of England, broke the Bank’s official internal code of conduct when she failed to declare to the Threadneedle Street authorities that her brother worked for Barclays. The chair of the Bank’s governing court, Anthony Habgood, said on Tuesday that it was a “very serious breach”, “extremely regrettable” and added that “it doesn’t look good”.

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